1_ Timed tape magazine (length: 3650mm);

2_ Infrared preheating hood Mod. ES/IRM-TTE 1500 (N. 3 IRM lamps of 2.5 kW. Installed electrical power: 7.5Kw);

3_ Cleaning brush Mod. SMARTCLEAN 34:

Upper part: N. 1 antistatic bar. N. 1 TAMPICO brush with rotation opposite to the panels. N. 1 brush in ANIMAL HAIR with rotation opposite to the panels. N. 1 timed compressed air blower. Lower part: N. 1 TAMPICO brush with rotation opposite to the panels. N. 1 timed compressed air blower. Transport by means of rubberized and ground rollers. Transport motorization managed by inverter and adjustable speed with digital display. Installed electrical power: 3.2Kw.

4_ Automatic spraying machine Mod. EASY 2000 W-CAB/EU:

Motorized CFB continuous belt conveyor system with inverter. Gun oscillation by electronically controlled Brushless motor. Central ceiling pressurization with filtration degree F5. Electronic barrier for the reading of the pieces with 120 photodiodes. Installed electrical power: 20.3Kw. Painting equipment included: N. 8 compressed air guns AVX INOX KREMLIN (max. 200bar) + N. 2 pumps TCM M250 / 54.

5_ Flexible hot air lung Mod. PIEFFE-VL 5/7500:

Heating coil with automatic temperature regulation. N. 2 motorized conveyor belts for inbound and outbound connection. Photocell barrier at the entrance. Useful length of the trays: 7400mm. Installed electrical power: 13Kw.

6_ UV gel oven Mod. ECOGEL MPS TL2/45 TT8500:

A) Gelling oven type FEV ALD/2/TL (L = 3000mm). No. 48 UV lamps Type TL/140-420 and TL/80-365 placed in alternating mode. Delivery fan with adjustable flow rate.

B) ECOGEL type gelation oven (L=4500mm).

C) TT 8500:

Double chain conveyor and steel guides, with chromed crosspieces diameter 25mm. Advancement by gearmotor controlled by inverter. Length: 8500mm. Installed electrical power: 18.18Kw.

7_ Oven with UV-R-1600 lamps Mod. UV-R M2-1600:

Oven with 2 UV lamps with concentrated direct radiation. Length: 1000mm. Installed electrical power: 0.37Kw.

8_ Group of pressurization, humudification and hyperfiltration Mod. GPAU/24:

Humidification unit with internal structure and water tank in stainless steel. Inverter for air flow regulation. Automatic pressurization system for periods of non-work. Installed electrical power: 19Kw.


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