Industry 4.0


Having overcome the hyper-amortization initiative, the Enterprise 4.0 plan or the Industry 4.0 plan, the Italian government has today enhanced the resources available to companies with the new 4.0 Transition. The incentive covers the purchase of new tangible and intangible assets capable of promoting technological and digital transformation, with particular attention to environmental sustainability and the increase of workers' technological skills. Basically a tax credit, Transition 4.0 raises all the deduction rates and at the same time the ceilings of expenditure covered by the tax incentive, but above all it shortens the times of use of the incentives. It is time to act. Clearly, some technical requirements must be respected in order to take advantage of them. Cefla is here to accompany the customer from the offer phase, also verifying compliance with the technical details of the standard.

Who can benefit from it?

Not only new customers who purchase new lines, but customers already in possession of existing lines who opt for the inclusion of new machines (revamping), or even customers who would like to add a 4.0 software system to their line with the aim of digitizing production processes.

What is offered beyond the support to obtain the benefits?

Cefla's goal is also to allow you to modernize and automate production processes, building together a solution of value over time and not used exclusively to access incentives. Ready are a series of standard solutions for multiple processes or business realities, the result of the experience gained on dozens and dozens of expert lines with customized solutions for specific needs. In this sense, we offer a tailor-made solution in line with the objectives that each customer sets.

Industry 4.0