Reverse Tomanin roller coating machine

Reverse Tomanin roller spreader used overhauled in 2019.

Left service side.

Suitable for roller application of UV substrates. Quantity of product applicable from 10 to 80 g/m2. On request it is possible to install a doctor blade group on the 1st roller group for the application of finishing paints. Quantity of product applicable from 5 to 12 gr/m2.

Main technical features:

PLC for electronic management.

Independent motorizations of the rollers.

The speeds of each roller are adjustable by inverter.

Automatic roller speed synchronization for automatic washing.

Motorized upper rollers ascent/descent movements with emergency device.

The machine can be removed on tracks.

Reinforced machine structure.

Feed speed: 8-25 m/min.

Worktop height: 910 +/- 20mm.

Useful width: 1300mm.

Inner width upper rollers: 1460mm.

Overall dimensions: 2000x2700x1500mm.

Chromed dosing rollers: Ø175mm Kw/Each 0.75.

Rubber-coated rollers applicator: Ø250mm Kw/Cad. 1.5.

Rubberized transport rollers: 1,5Kw.

Motor power up/down. (n. 2) Kw/Cad. 0.4.

Installed machine power: 7Kw.

Machine overhauled in 2020.


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