continuous carpet solvent CFB type with sealed edge, which ensures great durability and easy replacement.

Conveyor element to incoming rollers, on which is positioned the electronic scanning barrier to photodiodes 60, followed by a band-like element. belt element in liftable exit for maintenance and cleaning.

Cart frontally removable without additional lateral dimensions composed of counter-rotating rollers 4 for the recovery and the continuous and automatic cleaning of the carpet; solvent collection tanks and stainless steel tank. Automatic cleaning solvent supply.


Camera body

Machine body made of shaped sheet metal panels and large window surface, with a front door and 2 side, openable for access to the gun assembly.

Other rear doors facilitate the accessibility for cleaning.


Plenum upper air inlet

The particular shape of the plenum allows an optimal distribution of the air pressurization inside the machine, contributing to a greater transfer efficiency of the paint on the workpiece.

The plenum and 'powered by:

Water pressure: EXISTING.

Required flow: 14,000 m³/h.


Overspray suction system

Made with double set of dry filters, for separating the paint particles from the air of suction.

The first and 'place to the sides of the conveyor while the second section, and' arranged below the conveyor.

painted tanks and filter holder frames made of wire mesh.


Stale air exhaust

Centrifugal fan.

The air will be extracted by a centrifugal extractor fan at high prevalence.


Oscillation Group guns electronic control

2 gun holder arms, placed at the extreme sides of the cabin, prepared for the installation of 4 + 4 automatic guns, provided with regoloazione manual height.

Handling by belts driven by a brushless motor controlled electronically.

No. 2 power circuits produced with recirculation filters and paint.

Motorized lifting of gun port groups with the means encoder position detection.


Covers features input and output units

The sections of the conveyor, places both incoming and uacita pieces, are protected only by a Plexiglas cover, even from a pay phone ture, in pressurized time with centrifugal fan with a filter and air intake environment.


Technical data:

Length: 6750mm.

Width: 4135mm.

Max height: 2795Kg.

Installed electrical power: 6,2Kw.

Compressed air consumption (pumps and guns not included): 50 nlt/min.

Air with solvents expelled outside foreseen: 14.000 mc/h.


Roc 3 dry cabinata per prodotti hi gloss

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