Cefla Unospray

The UNOSPRAY electronic spraying system creates the optimal conditions for high quality finishes.

Its features allow:

- the recovery of the product not applied on the parts being processed;

- the substantial reduction of emissions of solvents and solid residues into the atmosphere;

- a higher production speed than other equipment able to offer the same level of quality of the finished product;

- an increase in the sprayed product / product ratio applied to the parts being processed.

The main elements that make up the machine are:

- The cabin;

- The transport group;

- General electrical panel.

The cabin has a large glazed surface, where the main spraying groups are located inside.

The groups are:

- The power supply and product distribution system;

- The air ventilation system;

- The air purification system;

- Gun handling system;

- The pneumatic system;

- The electrical system.


Useful working surface width: 1.300 mm.

Useful workpiece height: 60 mm.

Workpiece feed speed: m/min 1,5 ÷ 11.

Gun translation speed: m/min 15 ÷ 150.

Installed electric power: Kw 9.


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